Ontario will soon celebrate Egyptian Heritage in the Month of July

Published on June 11, 2019

[Press Release- Mississauga] The Legislative assembly of Ontario has unanimously passed on Thursday June 6, 2019, the second reading of Bill 106 - proclaiming the month of July of each year as “Egyptian Heritage Month”. Bill-106 is the private member bill tabled by Sheref Sabawy, Member of Provincial Parliament for Mississauga – Erin Mills.

Canada is home to many Egyptians who have chosen to start a new life with their families and contribute to the cultural, economical, and the overall development of Canada, using their vast knowledge in various fields such as: Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Real Estate, Education, Finance, and many more.

Bill-106 gives Egyptian-Canadians their well earned and deserved recognition in the history of Canada, and is an essential tool to show the importance of the influence and impact that they have made on all aspects of life in Canada and Ontario.

"The Egyptian-Canadian community has come a long way since I first arrived in Ontario more than 24 years ago." Said Sheref Sabawy, MPP for Mississauga - Erin Mills, "All the changes that have taken place, all the milestones that the Egyptian-Canadians community has achieved, are thanks to the chances this great province provides. Together, we can embrace diversity, as we have done countless times and want to show again today."

The month of July was chosen through many consultations to celebrate the history of dedication that Egyptians put forth wherever they are including the National Day of Egypt on July 23rd.

To celebrate this historic moment, Egyptian-Canadians from all across Ontario, attended in the Legislative Assembly to witness as the Bill passed with unanimous positive debate. Including the Consul General of Egypt in Montreal Mr. Hossam Moharam; representatives from Social and Cultural Associations; education establishments; museum and cultural institutions; as well as community centers.

All the Members present in the House from all political backgrounds, had confidence and appreciation towards the Bill. "Over many decades, Ontario’s Egyptian community has produced leaders in every field imaginable—from medicine, to business and commerce, to sports, to education, to politics and the arts and entertainment." said Hon. Michael Tibollo, the Minster of Tourism, Culture and Sports.

Many stated that they are proud of MPP Sabawy for being the first parliamentarian of Egyptian origin to be elected in any form of parliament in Ontario and all of Canada; and to be able to present Egyptian-Canadians the month of July to be celebrated for the hard work that they have provided and continue to provide for our great province.



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