The Egyptian Heritage Month Act receives the Royal Assent

Published on December 10, 2019

Hon. Rod Philips and MPP Sheref Sabawy after receiving the Royal Assent

Today, Tuesday, December 10th 2019, the Egyptian Heritage Month Act has received its royal assent by the Lieutenant Governor General to celebrate Canadian-Egyptians through the month of July. On May 1st 2019, Sheref Sabawy, MPP for Mississauga – Erin Mills introduced the Act in the legislature that received great support from all members of the house and was adopted by Minister Rod Philips in the Fall Economic Statement.

The Egyptian Heritage Month Act gives the Canadian-Egyptians the time to celebrate their rich history and integration into Ontario’s fabric. It is an essential tool to show the importance of the influence and impact that they have made on all aspects of life in Canada and Ontario.

The month of July was chosen through many consultations to celebrate the history of dedication that Canadian-Egyptians put forth wherever they are – including the National Day of Egypt on July 23rd

“I am proud to see that this Act has received Royal Assent and became an integrated part of Ontario’s constitution. It is a historical moment for the Canadian-Egyptians and myself..” Said Sheref Sabawy, MPP for Mississauga – Erin Mills. “We have to celebrate our diversity, and I am happy to have showcased their heritage, success and importance of this community in our Canadian and Ontario’s society, united.”

Canadian-Egyptians value hard work and this, in turn, contributes to our great economy.  The Canadian-Egyptians’ community is one of the highest educated immigrants’ community per capita in Ontario with the majority of them being professionals in esteemed positions in almost every sector of Ontario’s economy; including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, academia, entrepreneurship and skilled trades.

"As Canada continues to flourish with our freedom of expression, religion and speech, this Act reaffirms our government’s commitment to embracing the multi-cultural fabric of our Canadian identity and acknowledging the great contributions of Egyptian-Canadians." – MPP Sheref Sabawy.

They believe in the importance of effective participation and integration in their local communities and across the province; having established more than 40 Coptic Community Centres in Ontario. These centres provide various services to all Ontarians; from seniors to youth and families. Services like food banks, charity organizations, professional groups, newcomers settlement services, English language courses, Day cares and Schools; Arabic libraries, Media and Newspapers; the Egyptian Museum, the Coptic Museum, and many community and cultural festivals. These services and many more are run by a minimal, to no cost on tax-payers or the Government.



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