Honorary List of Supporters for The Egyptian Heritage Month

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The Honorary List of Supporters**:
Bill-106 “Egyptian Heritage Month”

WHEREAS Canadian-Egyptians’ knowledge, education and diversity contribute to Ontario’s economic and cultural growth.
WHEREAS currently more than 300 thousand Canadian-Egyptians call Canada home.
WHEREAS the community has a great level of academia, and has achieved great strides towards professionalism and business development in Ontario.
WHEREAS Canadian Egyptians here in Canada are one of the highest educated immigrants community per capita.

We, the undersigned would like to add our names in the Honorary List of Supporters for Bill-106 when it receives royal ascent, proclaiming the month of July as Egyptian Heritage Month, and would like to be invited to the official ceremony.

**The Honorary List of Supporters is a list that will be tabled as a historical document of supporters, to proclaim the month of July as Egyptian Heritage month.

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